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Production method

The production of plastic pails is achieved by infusion of thermoplastic polymers through a closed pneumatic circuit from the storage silos into the injection presses.
Several automated side operations complete the process: application of the In-Mould Labeling (IML), handle mounting, collection of the products and eventually their palletizing.
The smooth and controlled production process is governed by the selection of the raw materials directly from their producers, by the limited human interference into the production line, by intensive cleaning and sterilizing schedules and by consistent quality controls.

Modern equipment

Unlimited flexibility in the production of a variety of products.

ISO 9001-2015

Our commitment is the production of excellent quality products.


It is a dynamic basis for our smooth operation.

Waste management

We use environmentally friendly raw materials.


IKOPLAST S.A. is a company with a big experience in the production of plastic pails for packing.

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17th km of Thessaloniki – Polygyros Road, Thermi
+30 2310 462825 & +30 2310 462803