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Plastic Pails Industry

IKOPLAST S.A. is a company with a big experience in the production of plastic pails for packing. Privately owned spaces of 3.500m in N.Redestos, Thessaloniki, equipped with modern injection and printing machines, constitute the most developed production units of plastic pails, in the Northen Greece. The continuous investments in the sector of electromechanical equipment facilitate on one side the production process and perfect on the other side the final product, giving the customer the ability to choose between various capacities (from 500 ml to 22 lit) qualitative pails for packing.

The raw material that is used for the pail production is primary, not toxic, with full penetrability, suitable for food packing. Due to the airtight closure of the pails, their content is completely protected from air and water. Following regularly the hygiene and safety rules and systematically applying Quality Control, based on approved European Standards, we ensure most excellent quality that satisfies the requirements of today's professionals.

The specialized personnel implement the production process, where human's factor intevention is required. The design department contributes in the artistic completion of pails.It processes electronically the elements that concern in the use of the product; in the logo of the customer and in combination with modern graphics it shapes the final packing aiming at the right and successful promotion of the product. The printing on the pails is achieved either with screen-printing, offset printing method and IML.

In order to correspond to the foods packing specifications, IKOPLAST S.A. has proceeded in the production of pails and elements that serve exclusively this sector. Moreover IKOPLAST S.A. goes ahead and at exclusivity produces square pails of 13 lit and 22 lit fundamentally designed for dairy industries and particularly "feta" cheese.

In the final stage of the production process, pails are assiduously placed in pallets, categorized and stored until the final distribution with company's privately owned transporters.

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